Janover’s AI Loan Advisor Secures $10 Million in Funded Loans and Generates Over $25 Billion in Deals, Enhancing Customer Engagement

Janover’s AI Loan Advisor Drives $10M in Funded Loans and Generates Over $25B in Deals, Boosting Customer Engagement

Are you looking for a game-changing tool to boost your stock market game? Look no further than Janover Inc’s AI Loan Advisor, which has driven $10 million in funded loans and generated over $25 billion in deals, all while boosting customer engagement.

This advanced AI Commercial Loan Agent is revolutionizing the way customers interact with Janover, seamlessly operating across multiple communication channels such as live chat, phone calls, SMS, and email. Trained as an expert in commercial real estate and small business financing, the AI Loan Advisor can answer complex questions, gather necessary information, and smoothly hand off customers to human advisors when needed.

Steve Schwartz, SVP of Innovation at Janover, highlighted the AI’s ability to streamline customer interactions and deal qualification, ultimately leading to more productive employees and engaged customers. CEO Blake Janover added that the AI has facilitated $10 million in funded loans and generated over $25 billion in deals in 2024 alone.

With JNVR shares trading higher by 6.50% premarket, it’s clear that investors are taking notice of Janover’s innovative AI Loan Advisor. If you’re ready to supercharge your stock market game, consider leveraging this powerful tool to stay ahead of the competition.

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