Sylhet flood-hit area experiences slower rain but increased suffering

10 villages inundated in Nilphamari following collapse of river dam

The recent flooding in Sylhet has caused widespread devastation, with 10 villages in Nilphamari being inundated following the collapse of a river dam. The situation is dire, with hundreds of families displaced and crops destroyed.

The collapse of the Buritista river dam in Dimla upazila’s Sundar Khata has had a significant impact on the surrounding villages. Residents like Ebadur Rahman and Golam Rabbani are facing uncertainty as their homes are flooded and their livelihoods are at risk.

Local authorities are assessing the damage, with Upazila Agriculture Officer Sekender Ali estimating that around 150 hectares of land with Aman seedbeds have been lost. The District Water Development Board Executive Engineer Atiqur Rahman has reported the condition of the dam to higher authorities, but the jurisdiction remains unclear due to the dam’s age.

The situation in Sylhet remains critical, with thousands of people affected and seeking refuge in flood shelters. The state minister for disaster management and relief has allocated resources to assist the flood victims, but more support is needed to address the ongoing crisis.

As the rains continue in Sylhet, it is crucial for authorities to take swift action to provide relief to those affected by the flooding. Sustainable solutions must be implemented to prevent future disasters like the collapse of the river dam in Nilphamari. The plight of the residents in these villages must not be overlooked, and urgent measures must be taken to ensure their safety and well-being.

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