Report on the State of ITAM in 2024

“Flexera’s 2024 State of ITAM Report: Key Trends and Insights”

Are you curious about the latest trends and statistics in IT asset management (ITAM)? Look no further than Flexera’s 2024 State of ITAM Report! This comprehensive report highlights strategies, challenges, and initiatives from over 500 IT professionals and executive leaders across various industries.

One key finding from the report is the increasing importance of ITAM within organizations. Nearly half of respondents stated that their ITAM teams now report directly to the CIO or CTO, showing a shift towards recognizing the strategic value of ITAM. Additionally, ITAM/SAM teams are playing a crucial role in Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) initiatives, especially as more software models move to SaaS and the cloud.

While wasted IT spend has improved compared to previous years, it remains a challenge for many organizations. Optimizing software use and dealing with new environments such as SaaS, cloud, and containers are also significant challenges for ITAM practitioners. Sustainability is another top priority for enterprises, with many organizations implementing plans for aging hardware and focusing on longer retention periods and reuse.

Vendor audits are common in the ITAM landscape, with Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle being the most likely vendors to conduct audits. SaaS providers like Salesforce and ServiceNow are also increasing their audit activities. However, audits can be time-consuming and expensive, with some organizations paying millions of dollars due to software vendor audits over the past few years.

When it comes to success metrics for ITAM, cost savings initiatives are at the forefront. Audit compliance, hard savings on software, and reduction in hardware purchases are key focus areas for ITAM teams.

If you’re looking to meet your cost-saving objectives and optimize your ITAM practices, Flexera’s ITAM solutions can help. From optimizing software licenses to improving purchasing decisions and enabling better budgeting and forecasting, Flexera has the right tools for your organization.

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