Orlando Headquarters for $10 Billion Good Life Company Now Open

Good Life Companies Expands with Second Headquarters in Celebration, Florida

Good Life Companies is making big moves with the opening of their second headquarters in Celebration, Florida. This expansion not only signifies growth for the company but also opens up new opportunities for talent acquisition and advisor recruiting.

CEO Conor Delaney’s decision to open a second headquarters in Orlando was strategic, as it provides easier access for advisors and potential employees. With the proximity to major universities and schools, Good Life can tap into a diverse pool of talent that may not have been accessible in their Reading, Pennsylvania location.

The move to Orlando also aligns with Good Life’s mission to provide a supportive environment for advisors transitioning from wirehouses to independent contracting. By offering resources such as real estate, infrastructure, technology, training, and support, Good Life has been able to attract top talent and grow their assets under management significantly over the past five years.

While the firm initially launched a new RIA in 2021 to attract referrals outside of their affiliation with LPL Financial, they ultimately decided to shut it down in 2023. Despite this, Delaney emphasizes their commitment to working with LPL and continuing to support their advisors within the network.

Overall, the opening of the new headquarters in Celebration, Florida marks an exciting chapter for Good Life Companies. With a focus on talent acquisition, advisor support, and continued partnership with LPL Financial, the firm is poised for continued success and growth in the years to come.

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