Mohit Gupta Named Chief Financial Officer of Zefiro Methane Corp.

Zefiro Methane Corp Appoints Mohit Gupta as Chief Financial Officer

Zefiro Methane Corp is making waves in the environmental services industry with the recent appointment of Mohit Gupta as Chief Financial Officer. With over three decades of experience in banking and energy trading, Gupta brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

Gupta’s impressive track record includes being a key founding member of J.P. Morgan’s Energy Trading business and holding senior executive roles at Ernst & Young and Wells Fargo. His experience in building energy markets divisions and navigating market tumult makes him a valuable addition to Zefiro’s leadership team.

Zefiro Founder and CEO, Talal Debs, expressed excitement about Gupta joining the team, highlighting his unique market expertise and decades of executive experience. Gupta himself shared his enthusiasm for the opportunity to work with Zefiro’s forward-thinking team and expand the company’s service offerings.

In addition to his roles at J.P. Morgan, Ernst & Young, and Wells Fargo, Gupta also serves as Chief Operating Officer of X Machina Capital Strategies, a lead sponsor of Zefiro Methane Corp. His extensive experience and strategic leadership will undoubtedly contribute to Zefiro’s continued growth and success in the methane abatement sector.

Zefiro is focused on methane reduction projects and carbon credit portfolios, aiming to be a key commercial force in Active Sustainability. The company’s innovative approach to cleaning up air, land, and water sources impacted by methane leaks sets them apart in the industry. With a fully integrated ground operation and a commitment to generating long-term economic, environmental, and social returns, Zefiro is poised for success under Gupta’s financial leadership.

For more information about Zefiro Methane Corp and their environmental services, interested parties can visit their website or contact Zefiro Investor Relations. Stay tuned for more updates on Zefiro’s innovative initiatives and contributions to the environmental services industry.

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