Janus Henderson’s Potential Turnaround in Asset Management

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This week, we have some intriguing stories to share with you. From the challenges facing Edinburgh-based Baillie Gifford to the impressive victory of Elon Musk at Tesla, there’s a lot to unpack. But one story that stands out is the turnaround of Janus Henderson under the leadership of Ali Dibadj.

Ali Dibadj’s journey from a young immigrant in Canada to the CEO of Janus Henderson is nothing short of inspiring. Facing a company in turmoil after a failed merger, Dibadj took on the challenge with determination and integrity. His focus on delivering value to clients and shareholders, rather than just chasing total assets under management, is reshaping the company for the better.

In another story, we explore why France’s far-right movement is spooking markets. With the possibility of a far-right government in France, investors are on edge about the economic implications of such a shift in power. The widening gap between French and German borrowing costs is just one sign of the uncertainty looming over the Eurozone’s second-largest economy.

And let’s not forget the eye-opening research on private capital firms avoiding income taxes on over $1 trillion in incentive fees. The debate over tax treatment in the private equity sector is heating up, with calls to close what some see as a significant loophole in the system.

As we wrap up this week’s newsletter, don’t miss out on our recommended stories, including insights into the inner workings of the City of London. With over 600,000 people working in the Square Mile but fewer than 9,000 living there, it’s a fascinating look at one of the world’s financial hubs.

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