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Students Struggle as Inflation Stretches Budgets To Breaking Point

As the cost of living continues to rise, students in the UK are facing significant financial challenges that are impacting their ability to afford essential expenses. From rising rental costs to increasing food prices, students are feeling the strain on their budgets. The latest data shows that average food and rental costs for UK students have risen by 7% between May 2023 and May 2024.

Broadband prices, private rental costs, and bus and coach fares have also seen significant inflation, with broadband prices rising by 10.4% and private rental costs increasing by 8.7%. This inflation is outpacing the increase in student maintenance loans, which rose by just 2.8% for the 2023/24 academic year. As a result, students are facing a real-terms cut in the loan support they receive.

The financial strain on students is particularly severe for those from less affluent backgrounds, who may struggle to afford essential resources like textbooks and technology. Many students are forced to take on part-time work to make ends meet, impacting their academic performance and mental health.

The government has announced measures to address the rising cost of living, including an increase in maintenance loans and an extra £10 million for university hardship funds. However, students are still facing financial difficulties, with many considering dropping out of university due to money worries.

As students prepare for the new academic year, they are expected to spend a collective £4.5 billion on essential expenses. From laptops and computers to subscription services and groceries, students are facing increased costs in all areas of their lives. It is crucial for students to budget carefully, take advantage of student discounts, and consider alternative ways to save money, such as buying in bulk and using contents insurance.

Overall, the financial challenges facing students in the UK are significant, and it is essential for both the government and universities to provide support and resources to help students navigate these difficult times. By addressing the rising cost of living and ensuring that students have access to the financial assistance they need, we can help alleviate the financial burden on students and ensure they can focus on their education and well-being.

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