Comptroller visits Olde Mistick Village to promote retirement plan for small business employees

State Comptroller Sean Scanlon Promotes MyCTSavings Program at Olde Mistick Village

Are you a small business owner looking to provide retirement benefits to your employees without breaking the bank? State Comptroller Sean Scanlon may have the solution for you.

On a recent Friday afternoon at Olde Mistick Village, Scanlon, along with State Rep. Aundré Bumgardner and property manager Chris Regan, visited local businesses to discuss the MyCTSavings program. This state-sponsored retirement program allows small businesses to help their employees save for retirement at no cost to the businesses.

During their visit, Scanlon highlighted the ease of signing up for the program and the benefits it can provide to both employers and employees. With half of Connecticut workers not offered a retirement plan by their employer, MyCTSavings offers a solution to bridge this gap and help businesses retain and recruit employees.

Business owners like Dan Price of Kitch and Jeff Anderson of Kelley’s Pace expressed interest in the program, with Anderson noting that it took years for his store to afford a 401K program for employees. With over 6,000 employers and 27,000 employees already enrolled in MyCTSavings, the program is making a positive impact on retirement security in the state.

In addition to discussing the program, Scanlon, Bumgardner, and Regan also highlighted the importance of tourism in Mystic and the role small businesses play in the local economy. With over 1.9 million visitors to Olde Mistick Village last year, the program not only benefits employees but also contributes to the thriving tourism industry in the area.

Overall, the MyCTSavings program offers a no-cost tool for small businesses to provide retirement benefits to their employees and promote financial literacy. As Bumgardner emphasized, ensuring retirement security for future generations is essential, and programs like MyCTSavings are key to providing those opportunities for working families.

If you’re a small business owner in Connecticut looking to offer retirement benefits to your employees, consider signing up for the MyCTSavings program. It’s a win-win for both employers and employees, helping to secure a brighter financial future for all.

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