Angel Reese Struggling Financially After Losing $50 Million in Endorsements?

Debunked: WNBA Star Angel Reese Did Not Lose $50 Million in Endorsements

The recent claim that WNBA star Angel Reese lost nearly $50 million in endorsements due to her on-court behavior has been making the rounds on social media. However, before you start feeling sorry for Reese, it’s important to note that this claim is entirely false.

The story originated from a website known for its satirical content, SpaceXMania. The site explicitly states that most of its stories are meant to be humorous and are often entirely made up. In this case, the story attempted to create drama by linking Reese’s on-court behavior to a loss of endorsement deals.

In reality, there is no evidence to suggest that Reese has lost any significant endorsement deals or is facing any financial distress. In fact, Reese has been making positive moves in her career, such as founding a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching financial literacy and becoming a part-owner of a professional women’s soccer team.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities like Reese to be the target of satire pages, and unfortunately, some people may mistake these satirical stories for real news. This is why it’s important to fact-check before believing everything you read online.

So, the next time you come across a sensational claim like this, take a moment to verify the source and consider whether it’s likely to be true. In the case of Angel Reese, it’s clear that this claim is nothing more than a work of fiction.

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